Quality Policy

This is the main policy of our company to provide the quality level that will meet the initial and ongoing needs and expectations of our customers at every single stage, depending on the price and competitive environment, in order to be the leader in quality in Digital Printed Weaving Machine Carpets and Rug manufacturing.

In order to please our customer, we consider their expectations clearly, approach solution-oriented to meet their expectations and make our customers feel valued.

While fulfilling customer demands, we care to mutual reliability, confidentiality principle, relevant standards and legal requirements.

The first principle of our company is to be open and honest with its employees, business partners and customers.

Our companies considers the most crucial mission to “add value” to our Employees, Business Associates and to “produce value” with them.

Our companies has embraced the idea of being constantly innovative and adapted quickly to the new solutions by anticipating customer demands.

By applying the principles of legal regulations, TS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, complying with the conditions of our quality management system, reviewing its suitability and ensuring its continuous improvement.

Our companies provide an identity to our products, gaining characteristics and patenting to the designs, by creating attactive designs.

We provide continuous and planned trainings to ensure that our employees adopt our quality policy and all applicable management systems and that their principles are well understood.